Three very skilled Japanese swordsmiths have labored collectively to create a full-sized reproduction of the Kakaru Kumo Naki longsword from the acclaimed Monster Hunter Rise. The hunters longsword is 3.1-metre and weighs 150kg and is being showcased in a particular Monster Hunter-themed exhibition titled ‘Monster HunterxSakai: A Shut Look At Historical Strategies’ in Sakai, Japan, which runs till the 4th September. The town is famend for its previous producing Samurai swords which had been made by specifically licensed swordsmiths. The town mayor, Hideki Nagafuji, stated the thought for the exhibition was delivered to Capcom, and that the entire price for the mission was round 9 million yen ($65,012).

Jun Mizuno, a fifth-generation swordsmith from the Meiji Period-established Mizuno Tanrenjo, made the two-metre blade utilizing ultra-low carbon metal. The hilt was carved from a single block of zelkova wooden by Akihiko Maeda from a wooden carving studio, and he additionally painstakingly carved the longsword’s scabbard. Lastly, grasp painter Masakazu Yamaguchi watched 100 hours of Monster Hunter movies to see the digital sword in movement. He painted the reproduction with photochromatic pigment to simulate how the blade’s colour adjustments relying on how a lot mild it displays. The mission took three years with planning, designing, and making the reproduction longsword.


“The artists have finished a great job in reproducing the sword that seems within the recreation.”

Capcom director and producer for the Monster Hunter sequence, Ryozo Tsuijimoto

image of a real Kakaru Kumo Naki longsword from Monster Hunter Rise

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