Your trek via the Sumeru area in Genshin Influence has taken you to Port Ormos to satisfy Alhaitham and Dori. Now, it is time for Archon Quest Chapter 3 – Act 2, often known as The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings. It entails fixing an odd thriller that is been happening in Sumeru Metropolis. Here is our Genshin Influence information that will help you with the Sabzeruz Competition contemplation puzzles, Dunyarzad’s situation, and Nahida’s identification. Oh, and I ought to most likely say that this is among the greatest quests on this recreation. It is a pretty prolonged one, however you are going to get pleasure from it.

Grade: For extra details about the sport, take a look at our Genshin Influence guides and options hub. It’s also possible to check out our foremost information if you happen to’re simply beginning out in Sumeru. Lastly, please be reminded that this information incorporates minor spoilers.

Genshin Influence Sabzeruz Competition contemplation puzzles information

Every thing appears regular at first

At first look, the search with the Sabzeruz Competition in Genshin Influence looks like your run-of-the-mill exercise. The Traveler will meet Dunyarzad, and the they will stroll round in Sumeru Metropolis to speak to numerous NPCs. Nonetheless, take note of how the fortune teller talks about “the moon’s lies and deceit,” and the way the sweet maker’s sunsettia sweets are in field #4.

You will additionally encounter a bunch of kidnappers, however Dehya will deal with them. As a substitute, you will need to run again to the plaza earlier than a minute elapses. As soon as there, Dunyarzad will admit that she additionally has the Eleazar (ie, Grayscale) sickness. She’s struggling, however she additionally needs to see Nilou carry out on the competition.

Sadly, the Akademya say and his cohort find yourself suspending the celebrations. The group will depart dejected, and the Traveler and Paimon will fall asleep.

Then, upon waking up, the Traveler has an odd feeling of deja vu. You are mainly reliving the occasions of yesterday, even studying/choosing the identical dialogue in some situations.

Is it a time loop or one thing extra sinister? Regardless of the case, it undoubtedly got here out of the left subject.

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Finally, you will discover somebody darting off within the distance. Comply with this individual till you arrive on the northern part of town (be sure to tag the close by quick journey level, too, since you will come again right here usually).

That individual is Nahida, who claims that the whole lot that is taking place is a part of a loop – a “samsara.” Nahida additionally reveals that the “actual” Dunyarzad is there, resting, on account of her sickness.

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The Sabzeruz Competition contemplation puzzles in Genshin Influence

What follows subsequent are the Sabzeruz Competition contemplation puzzles. Consider it as akin to an excessively simplified type of deduction from the Sherlock Holmes or homicide thriller video games.

  • Interpret – You are given clues that the Traveler can interpret.
  • Connect – If a clue glows, you’ll be able to mix it with one other clue/assertion to create a brand new lead.
  • Submit – As soon as the right time period is chosen, submit this response to progress additional.

For the primary section, select “The Sabzeruz Competition Samsara” and “Deja Vu” to get “Time loop.” Submit this to get Nahida’s reply. It is undoubtedly not Groundhog Day or Fringe of Tomorrow.

Genshin Impact Sabzeruz Festival Contemplation Puzzles Nahida Dunyarzad 1a

Subsequent, while you meet Dehya, submit your response about “Dehya’s Claymore.” Shortly thereafter, Dehya can be satisfied.

Take her to the mattress the place Dunyarzad is resting so she will be able to sense her. Select “Info on the Akash” for this one.

Genshin Impact Sabzeruz Festival Contemplation Puzzles Nahida Dunyarzad 1b

Comply with the prompts when essential to progress additional. Within the subsequent Sabzeruz Competition contemplation puzzle, select “Bodily Recollections” and “The Akasha’s Sound.” This may generate “Recollections are Deleted On a regular basis.”

Sadly, the subsequent time you discuss to Dehya (one other loop), she debunks this idea by displaying the cuts she made on a coaching dummy.

Genshin Impact Sabzeruz Festival Contemplation Puzzles Nahida Dunyarzad 1c

Quick ahead a bit, and you will get scenes the place the Traveler is making an attempt to depart Sumeru Metropolis (with Paimon crying within the distance). There’s additionally a bit the place the Traveler disappears after wandering too distant, and segments the place “mute puppets” are simply strolling round. There’s even discuss of how “areas preserve disappearing.”

For the subsequent half, decide “The Area The place We Had been Yesterday” (as those which might be disappearing). I sense The Langoliers vibes there.

Genshin Impact Sabzeruz Festival Contemplation Puzzles Nahida Dunyarzad 1d

There are a number of extra Sabzeruz Competition contemplation puzzles in Genshin Influence that you could clear up to grasp what is going on on:

  • For the subsequent part, choose “Areas With out Human Presence” to create “Goals With No Human Presence.” Mix that with “Individuals From Sumeru Do Not Dream.” You’ll be able to then submit “The Reality Behind Goals.”
  • One other immediate will seem concerning how the Akasha is ready to do that. I selected “The Akasha is a Manifestation of the God of Knowledge’s Energy.”
  • Then, decide “The Akasha’s Sound” and “The Look and Disappearance of Goals.” Go forward and submit “Mass Manufacturing of Goals.”
  • Nahida will ask you if you already know her true identification. Say that she is “The Moon.”

Genshin Impact Sabzeruz Festival Contemplation Puzzles Nahida Dunyarzad 1e

Discovering the dreamer

Lengthy story quick, the Sabzeruz Competition in Sumeru Metropolis appears to be a ploy by the sages to make use of the Akasha, the digital data database, as a way of toying with the populace. It is not that the folks of Sumeru do not dream. It is that everybody within the metropolis is sharing one collective dream, and a single individual is the “host.” Nahida additionally admits that she’s Lesser Lord Kusanali, the Dendro Archon.

Grade: One of many questions you’ll be able to ask Nahida is in regards to the Sabzeruz Competition dream. The dialogue/contemplation will result in a loop, so simply decide “I haven’t got anymore questions” to finish the dialog.

Genshin Impact Sabzeruz Festival Contemplation Puzzles Nahida Dunyarzad 2a

Nahida tells you that to interrupt the cycle, you need to discover out who the “host” is and get them to understand that they are dreaming. You will have to speak to a few NPCs and struggle some mercenary baddies right here.

Finally, the Traveler decides to forestall the sages from interrupting Nilou’s competition dance. Nilou realizes that she’s the dream host. She then begins to carry out whereas all of the dreamers watch on, together with Dunyarzad’s fading consciousness.

Genshin Impact Sabzeruz Festival Contemplation Puzzles Nahida Dunyarzad 2b

The following day (not a part of the samsara loop), Dunyarzad wakes up and begins her restoration. You will additionally get to speak to Nahida, who’s taken over Katheryne’s physique by way of the Akasha (yikes!).

This completes the Sabzeruz Competition portion of the Sumeru Archon Quest in Genshin Influence. As a reward, you will obtain a Reminiscence of Flourishing Inexperienced to spice up the Dendro Traveler’s Constellation.

Genshin Impact Sabzeruz Festival Contemplation Puzzles Nahida Dunyarzad 2c

Genshin Influence is accessible by way of its official web site. For extra data, take a look at our guides and options hub.


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