Garangolm is without doubt one of the Three Lords terrorizing Elgado Outpost in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This large gorilla has sturdy defenses, and it undoubtedly packs fairly a punch. This is our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Garangolm information that can assist you defeat this highly effective foe so you possibly can advance additional within the marketing campaign.

Observe: We’ll have a Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak guides and options hub quickly, so keep tuned.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Garangolm information

It is going to take you some time earlier than you possibly can battle Garangolm in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. To be clear, as soon as you’ve got began the growth’s marketing campaign, you are solely at Grasp Rank 1. Previous that time, you may have to finish a number of hunts to progress additional. Ultimately, at Grasp Rank 3, you may get “A Rocky Rampage,” the Pressing Quest that pits you towards Garangolm within the Citadel.

This beast is correct in the midst of the central clearing (straight north of the spawn level). If you’d like, you possibly can discover a little bit of the Citadel earlier than battling it so you possibly can familiarize your self with the world.

Observe: Fiorayne can even help you as an AI companion despite the fact that this isn’t a Follower Quest/Assist Survey.

In any case, you may need to be careful for Garangolm’s assaults when it is indignant, as most of those can one-shot you even with first rate protection and additional HP from meals. Its most harmful strikes are:

  • Mega Boulder Throw – This capacity has a reasonably apparent animation. Garangolm will bury its paws and slowly raise a piece of the bottom. This large boulder will then get thrown in an enormous frontal arc, doubtless hitting you if you cannot get out in time.
  • Piston Crash – The inform for this one is quickly seen, since Garangolm will smash the bottom with its fist, inflicting steam to erupt. Then, a second later, it would launch itself towards your common path. This assault can be achieved in fast succession, so attempt to hold shifting till it is achieved with the sequence.
  • Fiery Gauntlets – Its fists will probably be surrounded by a smoldering bunch of rocks. These protrusions will be destroyed, so you possibly can give attention to them or the boss’ head to deal extra harm.

Observe: The Garangolm Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is out within the open, so it is doable for one more massive monster to additionally go to this location, triggering a one-on-one bout. Attempt to mount its rival and assault with it that can assist you together with your harm output.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Garangolm Guide 2

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is accessible through Steam.


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