The Shadows Deepen, the subsequent section of the Shadows Amid Snowstorms occasion in Genshin Affect, takes you to an encounter with a con man who poses as an albedo. As you progress, you’ll finally battle an enormous enemy. Right here is our Genshin Affect information that will help you defeat the Fellflower Boss to get the Vanquisher’s Emblems.

Word: For extra data on the sport, try our Genshin Affect guides and Characteristic Hub. Likewise, you may try our principal information to shade within the midst of blizzards.

Genshin Affect Shadows Amid Snowstorms Occasion Information – The Emblems of Fellflower and Vanquisher

Defeat the fur flower

Your first battle towards the Fellflower boss in Genshin Affect is a part of The Shadows Deepen. Nonetheless, it additionally turns into a repeatable problem job when you end the search. Right here the mechanics:

  • Arcane fruits – Within the first section of this battle, the fur flower is totally shielded. To interrupt its defenses you’ll need to destroy the Arcane Fruits (i.e. massive pink crystals which might be thrown out one after the other). The Arcane Fruits even have particular assault patterns, equivalent to falling to the bottom or firing projectiles.
  • Arcane essence – After an Arcane Fruit is destroyed, roughly three Arcane Essences (i.e. smaller crystals) will seem. Choose these as much as forestall the boss from assimilating them and refilling his defend.
  • Fellflower assaults – Once in a while the boss makes the next assaults:
    • avalanche – White circles seem on the ground. After a second, blocks of ice fall off.
    • Rolling snowballs – Three snowballs are known as out and roll outward and hit you.
    • Cryo-slime – No less than one massive cryo-slime will spawn throughout fight.

As soon as the fur flower’s defend is totally used up, it can shrink and you’ll start the second section. That is when you may atomic bomb it, although it has a number of notable assaults as effectively:

  • Snowball throw – It throws a number of snowballs in fast succession.
  • Flower tower – The lightbulb will observe you and fireplace projectiles.
  • constructing – The Fellflower will submerge earlier than it reappears.

Genshin Impact Fellflower Conqueror Emblems Shadows in the midst of snowstorms The shadows deepen 1c

Conqueror’s Badge Assignments and Occasion Store

Each time you defeat the Fellflower in Genshin Affect, you’ll obtain 300x Emblems of the Conqueror. The foreign money can be utilized within the store panel of the take a look at trophy occasion (extra on this shortly). There are additionally further objectives that you could obtain by trying out the Rise of the Fellflower panel. Every job brings you 120x slayer emblems, 2x heroic jokes and 20,000x mora:

  • Destroy the arcane fruits and defeat the fur flower – that simply means hitting them usually.
  • Interrupt the Snowball Assault – Destroy an arcane fruit whereas the fur flower makes use of its snowball assault to interrupt the spell animation.
  • Defeat the fur flower with out permitting it to soak up Arcane Essence – simply be fast when you seize the Arcane Essence after an Arcane fruit has been destroyed.
  • Do not let his underground assaults hit you – It appears that is associated to his digging assault, so simply stroll away if it goes underground.
  • Do not let the hammer blows of the Arcane Fruits hit you – it appears this refers back to the leap assaults that the Arcane Fruits are susceptible to. You possibly can run away from the pink circles that seem to keep away from getting hit.
  • Defeat 4 monsters created by the Arcane Fruits – no less than one massive cryo-slime will spawn, so take it down earlier than killing the fur flower. Merely repeat this on 4 encounters to finish the rely.

Gen Pct Shdamsn D2 Vnq Ffl 1

As for the Occasion Store, there are a number of rewards that you could decide up with the Emblems of the Conqueror:

objects Conqueror’s Emblem value Buy restrict
Crown of perception 500 1
Alkahest – Used as a ending materials for the cinnabar spindle 400 2
Blue / 3-star expertise booklets (freedom, resistance and ballad) twentieth sixth
Purple / 4-Star Expertise Booklets (Freedom, Resistance and Ballad) 60 2
10,000 seas 10 50

It’s best to have the ability to get two extra Alkahest items. These will let you improve the Cinnabar Spindle Sword to refinement rank 5 (R5).

Gen Pct Shdamsn D2 Vnq Ffl 2

Genshin Affect is offered by its official web site. Please see our guides and the characteristic hub for extra data.


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