Our Tower of Zot information is right here to assist these of you who pre-ordered Last Fantasy XIV: Endwalker and are presently taking part in in Early Entry. And judging by the queues and the occasional server blips, that is most of you. So! We have got an entire load of latest dungeons and trials in Endwalker, however this stage 81 love letter to Last Fantasy IV is the primary you will combat by way of … after battling your method by way of a few hours of cutscenes and dialog.

I am going to attempt to maintain these guides comparatively spoiler-free for the remainder of the way in which, however in fact that is not the simplest factor to do. At the least on this information, you will learn the dungeon title, boss names (and their assaults) and see numerous screenshots. Nothing extra, nothing much less.

And that is in all probability for the very best, as a result of there’s nonetheless lots to speak about. Tower of Zot could be the first dungeon and it appears to have been slimmed down a bit because the press occasion, nevertheless it’s nonetheless a vicious introduction to Endwalker. Anticipate a loss of life or two the primary time you stroll into the tower with different newcomers, and do not overlook the potential for a wipe. At the least you’ve Golbez Clad In Darkish when you go forward huh?



Manusya Bio – Tankbuster that inflicts poison. Mitigate as wanted and take away the poison from Esuna.
Manusya Blizzard III – Conal AoE radiating from Minduruva.
Manusya fireplace III – Donut-shaped AoE that hits all the area aside from the melee vary of Minduruva. Stand near her to keep away from it.
Manusya Donner III – A number of AoEs that go off Minduruva within the cardinal instructions. Stand on a diagonal to evade, or simply run out of 1 after which again in because it goes by.
Manusya Bio III – AoE hitting all the area on one facet of Minduruva.
Remodel – This may be any of your Degree III spells. No matter what it’s, Minduruva will create a sphere that may slowly transfer in the direction of a marker. As quickly because it reaches this token, the talked about spell is triggered. Keep in mind which one she threw and keep away from it. For instance, if she is casting Transmute Manusya Fireplace III, be ready to face contained in the marker. For those who want a reminder, their buffs will point out which orbs are which spells and the way lengthy it is going to take to activate.
Manusya fireplace – Single goal assault that hits a random group member. In all probability coincidentally anyway. Normally it appears to be the healer.
Dhrupad – Minduruva hits everybody however the tank, one by one (with Blizzard, Fireplace and Thunder) inflicting a harm over time debuff that can not be dispelled. Principally, a group-wide regeneration impact or defend is anticipated.


The buffs point out that the bullet that comes off in a single second is thunder whereas the bullet that comes off in 5 seconds is fireplace. That is why I am the place I’m.


For those who’ve performed Last Fantasy IV (and paid consideration to the Endwalker cutscenes up up to now) you knew the bosses right here can be the Magus Sisters. And as with every different collection look, they don’t seem to be slippers – not even individually.

Minduruva is a tough first boss the place the entire group must be cautious about what she occupies and when. Healers must be on guard to maintain everybody alive if Dhrupad comes out, at the least if folks screw it up and go into the AoEs. What they may do if this can be a blind try.

Trying on the assaults, Mindy does not appear that unhealthy. The issue is that after a brief time frame so to see the assaults, she chains her collectively in a threesome: two transmutes and one which she throws herself. Which means you will must dodge three huge AoEs with little or no visible telegraphy.

The simplest trick? Be careful for Fireplace III and Bio III casts and put together for them. Your Thunder III and Blizzard III spells are each comparatively simple to keep away from: Thunder is a number of AoEs in a row, so long as you do not stand on it (or the marker) when it begins, you will be fantastic. Likewise, you are fairly secure from Blizzard, particularly at medium vary. However for Fireplace and Bio, you will wish to attempt to keep as shut as doable to the place they will go so that you’ve got loads of time to both go into the donut or transfer to the facet that Bio does not hit.

And keep in mind, you’ll be able to take a look at their buffs to see the transmute bullets simply flying out. It is a useful little trick in case you’ve got forgotten which one it despatched and when, as there does not appear to be any visible cues on the balls themselves.

Tower of Zot - Sanduruva



Isitva Siddhi – Tankbuster. Mitigate as wanted.
Prapti Siddhi – Sanduruva goals a line AoE at every group member, one by one. Exit of the way in which.
Manusya Berserk – Sanduruva summons 5 bullets that explode into large AoEs. Go to the facet that does not have a ball and go straight to the wall. Getting hit by these forces gamers to assault Sanduruva in shut fight, which is unhealthy as a result of …
Prakamya Siddhi – Sandy’s subsequent assault after Berserk is a direct AoE. Exit of the way in which to dodge offered you are not a berserk.
Manusya cease – All gamers are frozen in place and can’t act at totally different occasions. These occasions coincide with Sandy aiming a Prapti Siddhi at her, so just about simply therapeutic and never being within the AoEs if they don’t seem to be aimed toward you.
Confuse Manusya – Sanduruva will create berserk balls in area that seem like them. The “actual” Sandy is the one who does not arouse feelings. You probably have any damage-over-time results on them, the actual one can be the one which will get hit by them. As with Manusya Berserk, discover the actual Sandy, then stand on the wall closest to her. She can be the one who will begin the casting Explosive energyhowever as soon as she begins you do not actually have time to get to her.

Sanduruva berserk

There’s very, little or no area to keep away from the AoEs from the bullets.


After Minduruva, Sanduruva is truthfully a no brainer and a pleasant change of tempo on this Endwalker dungeon. She could be very centered on tips, and as soon as you know the way these tips work, you might be in no actual hazard.

The one two assaults that you’re more likely to catch are Berserk and Confuse. The Berserk AoE balls are large so be sure you stand instantly towards the wall farthest from them. The identical goes for messing, however on this case it’s worthwhile to discover the correct Sandy … however that is fairly apparent to be trustworthy. Search for the one who stands nonetheless as a substitute of dancing or waving.

Moreover that? Slap her within the face and heal from the inevitable cease assaults and she’s going to go down.

Tower of Zot - Cinduruva

The Magus Sisters


Samsara – Inevitable AoE.
Summon the opposite two – Has no title, however after a fast samsara, Cindy will summon the opposite two to combat by her facet.
Manusya Mirror / Manusya Religion / Delta Assault – A few billion AoEs go off all over the place. Circles, strains, donuts, focused: the works. Let’s attempt to undergo them rapidly …
Insatiable flame – When the Magus Sisters shout “Insatiable flame, devour our enemy”, they use this assault. It opens with a donut AoE in the midst of the world after which with large line AoE criss-crossing the world. After a few of these, there will probably be one other donut AoE (which is normally aimed toward Mindy) and everybody will probably be focused with an AoE. For the ultimate piece, go contained in the donut after which cut up it aside as quickly because it begins so you do not damage one another.
Glacial ice – “Glacier ice, bury our enemy” for this one. A Ranged AoE (one of many ones that does much less harm the farther away you might be) begins with, together with every of the sisters, hurling cone-shaped ice AoEs, like in Blizzard III within the Mandy combat. Simply earlier than the primary meteor hits, there may even be skinny AoEs monitoring throughout the world. Then it repeats itself, however this time you will must run to the opposite finish of the world whereas dodging the cone punches and line AoEs.
Thundering storm – “Thundering Storm, Shatter Our Enemy” for the final man. For this there are thick line AoEs, plus bigger variations of the Manusya Thunder III impact: giant circle AoEs after which smaller circle AoEs which are cut up off in cardinal instructions. The issue is, a variety of these will occur on the identical time. This finally ends up with a stack AoE on a random celebration member so attempt to keep a little bit shut collectively.
Most of what they did earlier than – Sure, actually. Although typically in smaller quantities, till you kill Cindy. More often than not, whereas all three are alive, all it’s a must to do is maintain Mindy’s Dhrupad, Sandy’s Prapti Siddhi, and their tankbusters, Istiva Siddhi.

End Shifters - Delta Attack

I have never gone overboard with the AoEs.


The 1st step is “scream”. Step two is “kill Cinduruva first”. Whereas it could be tempting to do away with Minduruva first as a way to cease Dhrupad and all of this annoyance, Cindy is the healer of the three and can resuscitate any of her fallen sisters. So once more: kill Cinduruva first. After that, you’ll be able to go for whoever; Mindy is an effective second alternative as a result of all Sandy actually does is ditch Tankbuster and one or two berserkers. Nonetheless, it does not matter. For those who can take out Cindy and you might be all nonetheless alive, principally the combat is gained because the others truthfully do not have a lot well being and you’ve got eradicated the horrors of Delta Assault.

Aside from that, the one actual technique is “dodging the AoEs” and that actually is not an enormous technique. Sadly, that is each the toughest a part of the combat and the important thing to survival. Healers particularly must take care of this and may, if want be, typically prioritize their very own security. Whereas killing different gamers is not strictly required, you’ll be able to typically pitch a tank and maintain the general public alive within the course of, offered you are not in the midst of AoE hell. I am going to rapidly discover that the Delta assaults in trusts appear to be in flame / ice / thunder order, nevertheless it varies if you’re with gamers.

And with that the combat towards the Magus sister is over, as is our tower of Zot chief. However keep tuned: we may have extra Endwalker guides for you shortly.

End converter - Alphinaud


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